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Hello! Welcome to Design Garden

Thank you for being here. 

My name is Cassie and I’m a digital artist. Design Garden is a graphic design service, a creative space, and an online boutique featuring my original illustrations. It’s the culmination of the skills and experiences I’ve gained living all over the world and chasing different passions, and those experiences guide my work every day.

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My Work

My inspiration largely comes from nature/natural elements, and I especially love to illustrate animals. I’m great at capturing their little personalities, which is why I specialize in pet portraits. My illustrations are high-quality but light-hearted, and a quick click around will show you I appreciate a good pun. When it comes to my design services, I value connecting with my clients to create something we’re both excited about. Whether it’s a full logo package or a simple social media graphic, I’m all about attention to detail and designs that inspire.

About Cassie

I was born and raised in Montana, USA. My first love is travel – I’ve lived in 7 countries and have had many adventures in between. I’ve always had a lot of hobbies, but I especially love the outdoors, dogs, playing and listening to music (I play guitar and sing), languages, cooking/baking, and just creating things in general. Before starting Design Garden, my focus was travel consulting and blogging. I ran all aspects of my travel business, and that’s how I honed in on my passion for digital art. 


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